Ways To Reach SkyCity Casino From Auckland Airport

Ways To Reach SkyCity Casino From Auckland Airport

Auckland, a metropolitan city on New Zealand’s north island, is a city loaded with hundreds of iconic sites where you can make the most of your time. You may enjoy nearly anything within the confines of this region, from luxurious ships to exciting mountains to trek on. Apart from this, Auckland is also recognised for having the state’s lone casino, the SkyCity Casino. SkyCity is an Auckland recreational facility that includes three hotels, restaurants, bars, a theatre, and, most significantly, a casino.

More about the SkyCity casino

Fletcher Construction developed the Sky Tower, conference centre, and hotel ready by 1997. The SkyCity casino is the lone casino in Auckland and features over a thousand gambling machines, hundreds of gambling tables, and VIP and high-stakes playing rooms.

Sky Tower

How to reach the casino?

First and foremost, you must arrive at Auckland Airport from wherever you are travelling. You may easily access a wide range of transportation choices from the airport that will take you to Auckland’s only casino, SkyCity Casino. The SkyCity Hotel is situated at the junction of Victoria and Federal Streets in the centre of Auckland City. Let’s look at some of the ways you may get to SkyCity Casino.

Super Shuttle, Taxi, Towncar

Like taxis and town cars, the super shuttle is merely another type of airport transportation service. This is an on-demand transport from and to the airport with set or variable fees that quickly get you to the casino. You can reserve your super shuttle or other means of transportation on the road or online by visiting the online website, where you can also enjoy discounts.


If you want to conserve money for future wagers in your casino games, try taking the bus from Auckland International Airport to the SkyCity Casino. The bus fee will vary from $83 to $155 per person, which is far less than the cost of a super shuttle. The bus will take nearly an hour and a half to reach the casino and is usually scheduled between 7:50 and 9:20 a.m., with two to three stops in between. Finally, after you arrive at the last station, all you have to do is walk for a short distance to your casino.


A train is the second cheapest mode of transportation to the SkyCity Casino. Although this route is not particularly direct, you can enjoy and explore your additional time travelling by train. To travel by this route, you must first take a bus from the airport to Bay 8 Manukau Bus Station. The fare up to this point will range between $77 and $145.


Once you get to this station, you’ll need to change to Manukau Train Station to catch your train. Every 20 minutes, a train arrives to transport you to the Britomart Train Station, one of Auckland’s main bus and train hubs. The cost will range from $20 and $29. After there, it’s a 14-minute walk to the casino, which you may spend to explore Auckland’s famous shopping area, Britomart.

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